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Project: Sleepy Hollow Summary



Hi all,

So there’s been a lot of talks today in regards to the Sleepy Hollow ratings for the past two weeks. Thanks to capleesi for keeping us in the loop and letting us know. While they’re not bad, they’re certainly not great compared to their competition on Monday nights. We are hoping to change that. We either want to increase the attention surrounding Sleepy Hollow or ensure Fox and Sleepy Hollow’s sponsors that we are absolutely in support of the show.

Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the Nielsen viewers and with Fox enforcing the 8 day rule for each new episode, it makes it difficult to really show how supportive we truly are for the show. But please, please, please if you can watch it live, PLEASE do so. Apparently DVR doesn’t have much weight on ratings given the fact that people most likely fast forward through commercials. 

So here’s some suggestions:

  • Sleepy Hollow fan-base PR blog. Idea courtesty of hitggirl . Her suggestion was to create a PR blog that would promote Sleepy Hollow more. I like the idea, but we need to make it different than the other fanbase blogs we have already. I was thinking it would be something of a ‘news’ outlet for the fandom. Perhaps a way to easily find what twitter hashtags we’re using, what campaign is going on, giveaways, etc. Heck, maybe even a Sleepyhead spotlight!! This will be an unbiased forum of straight Sleepy Hollow fan information. Info that the fans need in order to show their support for the show. Names I was thinking of include: sleepyhub, sleepyhollownews, sleepyhollowcentral (let me know if you guys like this idea and we can create something ASAP)
  • Encourage HEAVY engagement of the cast. theorlandojones we would need your help with this one. If there’s anyway to encourage your fellow cast mates to be as gun-ho about live tweeting as you are, please do so. We WANT that. We WANT that interaction. We WANT to hear from the casts and see their thoughts about the episode. Tell Tom to start using twitter more and live tweet. Encourage Nicole, Lyndie, John Noble, and Katia to continue to do it as well. This worked for Scandal, so we can use this to our advantage.
  • Twitter campaign. We all know that social media is a big player in generating buzz and awareness for TV shows. In order to make sure that Sleepy Hollow trends, we need to come up with hashtags. I was thinking something easy like: #SleepyHollow, #WeloveSleepyHollow , #IamaSleepyhead, etc. (again, we can come up with a general consensus)
  • Reach out to sponsors who currently help support the show via social media. This is A BIG one guys. We need a list of known sponsors and tweet them and show them appreciation for their products while also giving a nod to sleepy hollow. Twitter is the best means of doing that.
  • Tweet the writers and producers. brownsista already posted about this here . I think it’s a great idea. Please try to be professional. If you have concerns please do so in a decent manner. Obviously show your support and love for the show and highlight what you’d like to see more of.
  • General social media campaign. Get involved in Facebook and Tumblr  (seriously, someone school the creator of this blog on how Tumblr works. I didn’t even know they had an official page and I’ve never seen this page anywhere in the tags) and show your support for the show as well as highlight some things you’d love to see more of. 
  • Fan Giveaways. Pretty easy to do and would be easily tracked if we created a Fan PR blog. Maybe we start a reblog campaign and a random blogger will get a free DVD set of season one? If we can get enough traction maybe we can have the SH team donate items, too. Fan art contests are also cool. 
  • Fundraising for a good cause. defendingabbie made a post about this earlier and suggested we take up fundraising for a good cause. This worked for Chuck, so we can use this for our advantage.  We would need a fundraiser and to latch onto a sponsor. Starbucks has been named dropped before. Target is housing the DVDs so I’m assuming they must be a sponsor as well. We need to come up with a list of big sponsors and then decide how to attack.
  • Guerilla marketing campaign. This goes back to sponsorship. I know we keep harping about Starbucks, but I know for a fact that an upcoming episode has Ichabod trying his first cup of cappuccino. On the day of the episode, we could buy cappuccinos and have little cream mustaches (similar to Ichabod’s) and post pictures showing we support Sleepy Hollow and Starbucks. We should really confirm how much weight Starbucks has in sponsorship or at the very least it may put the show on their radar.

These are just some of many tactics that have been discussed throughout the day. If you guys come up with anything else, let me know and I will update this post. But we HAVE to do something and we have to come to some kind of consensus. 

The easiest thing to do would be for everyone to live tweet next Monday and make sure that we trend. Let’s come up with a hashtag that we can all agree on and spread the word like wildfire. 

Please give feedback on whether to create a PR blog and if so, what contents should be included. 

I’m down with getting #WeloveSleepyHollow to trend next monday!!

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❝ I don’t know what terrible things you’ve done in your life up to this point, but clearly your karma’s out of balance to get assigned to my class. I’m professor Annalise Keating and this is Criminal Law 100, or as I prefer to call it, How To Get Away With Murder. ❞


How to get away with murder: Pilot.

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh, what fun… to kill someone… and end up in jail."

I will not be teaching you how to study the law or theorize about it, but rather how to practice it. In a court room, like a real lawyer.


Hanna Toumajean couture


some kid in my class wrote an essay about how it never explicitly says Beowulf isn’t a robot

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Korra Week: Day 2 – Fierce
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so long and goodnight…

Marvel’s Coming Attractions


If you’re gonna fight a war, you’ve gotta wear a uniform.

The planet Saturn, August 11, 1981, imaged by Voyager 2 from a range of 14.7 million kilometers (9.1 million miles). You can also see the moons Dione (right) and Enceladus. (NASA)